European Action Days 2021


We look back to a mobilisation of the Good Food Good Farming action days with more events than ever! In October 2021, more than 181 events took place. In 18 countries across Europe and beyond people raised their voices to demand policies that ensure better food and farming!

Civil society knows the recipe for better food and farming! It is the national and European decision-makers that need to follow with action!

Scenes from the Good Food Good Farming Action Days

Video Gallery

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Mobilisation video GFGF Action Days 2021

Credits: Inka Dewitz

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Footrentgen, Poland: Video from event “Breakfast of the Sudeten people”

Credits: SlowFoodRentgen

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SlowFood Nederland – Protest

Credits: Slow Food Nederland

“Civil society knows the ingredient for change”

Participatory video launched during GFGF action days 2021 with participants from many different countries:

Thanks to you all for the great effort you put into this!