EU Elections 2024

Good Food Good Farming has been campaigning for months to mobilize voters across Europe. Our campaign featured a dynamic participatory Flag Campaign, captivating Info-Comics, and a powerful demonstration in Brussels just before the elections.

The EU Elections are over, but we will continue to fight for a just and sustainable transition of our agrifood systems!

Demands for a better future

The elections are over and we must ensure change. Check out the demands and reports on what EU politicians must do to improve food and farming conditions in the EU.

EU Elections Demonstration #VoteFutureEU

🙌 400 activists & farmers rallied in Brussels, urging citizens to vote for the future in the upcoming EU Elections.

Good Food Good Farmings calls for a 🌾 fair agrifood transition that prioritises farmers & citizens over agroindustry!

We united across movements and across Europe to make sure EU politicans are watching.

Our Info-Comics

Check out our communication package with a special info-comic series to raise awareness on how the EU impacts our food and farming. 

The info comics cover topics including GMO labeling, agroecological transition, support for small farms and rural communities, pesticide reduction, nature restoration, farmers’ incomes, consumer prices, and transforming food systems for future generations.

Join us and spread the info-comics!

Flags for the Future

Since January this year, GFGF representatives from 27 EU countries have hosted diverse events including panel discussions and farm visits to raise awareness about the huge influence European politics have on our food and farming systems and the critical nature of the elections.

EU Elections Demonstration

As part of the efforts to mobilize voters ahead of the EU Elections, 400 demonstrators took to the streets to demand climate action, nature restoration and a fair transition of our agri-food systems. Thank you all for coming!